The team

Stefano Scotti,
Internet4dev founder

Electronic engineer with a PhD in Bio-engineering at the Polytechnic Institute in Milan, he has been working since 1998 with METID Center for Distance learning education technologies and since 2003 he has been working with MLFM in anti digital divide projects in Rwanda, DRC, Ethipia and Uganda. Steadly working as a Development actor in Africa since 2007, he is now in Haiti. He founded internet4dev with the aim to spread knowledge through Internet towards a sustainable development.


Guy Kenvo,
Tecnichal and commercial responsible internet4dev

Telecommunications Engineer, he graduated at Polutechnic Institute in Milan. He had worked for years as a development consultant for mobile technologies services, since 2007 he is specialized in Videoconferencing, in a leader company. Originally coming from Cameroun, he joined this project with enthusiasm being deeply convinced that the development of communication infrastructures will be fundamental to fill in the gap characterizing Africa remote areas.


Viola Guerci,
Internet4dev Communication

Graduated in Sociology at the University of Milan – Bicocca. Since 2008 she has been working with MLFM-Italy supporting fund raising and sensitization activities. For internet4dev she follows communication, bearing in mind that an information action in local territory should follow to every project in LDCs where MLFM works.


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