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In 2010, 58% of Europeans and 77% of the American population had access to Internet; at the same time, in Africa, it was the 10%. This means that even if Africans represents the 15% of the world’s population, only the 5% of the internet users comes from this Continent (Source: InternetWorldStats).

The IT gap that characterizes some areas in the World represents a real obstacle to development in the society of information’s era because it doesn’t allow information to go around and, as a consequence, the great part of economies that are excluded from this game cannot develop. It is true, in fact, that in the last decade this aspect became a primary need to development in general.

With this project MLFM wants to become an active player in the struggle against Digital Divide, offering a sustainable Internet service to all bodies acting for Development, in areas where Internet access do not exist but with sat technologies. 

MLFM since 2003 is protagonist in fighting against Digital Divide and this experience on the field offered the opportunity to know every different peculiarity connected with Internet services in African and Latin American remote areas, starting from the proper solution to be applied and arriving to the implementation and the logistics’ management.

Internet4dev service becomes active after an initial donation, including hardware’s cost and fees for one year. Donations contribute to the project’s implementation and for the development of new similar projects.
For this reason MLFM and the beneficiary subscribe an agreement to manage this collaboration.

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