MLFM is an Italian NGO being born in Lodi, small town of northern Italy, in 1964. In 1982 it became and associated to FOCSIV, the Italian Federation of Volunteer International Service Organizations, having in common their Christian origin.

Since the beginning MLFM chose the way towards development, focusing its efforts in WASH, food and education sectors. In the last decade another priority landed in MLFM vision, that is the access to computer technologies.

Internet is a fundamental instrument for communication, education and democracy and, for this reason, only its widespread knowledge and diffusion will let LDCs’ populations to join effectively their own development process.

MLFM projects are based on beneficiaries’ participation and a proof of their demand is mandatory for planning any kind of intervention. In this way we grant sustainability to the project and independence to the population served and it is for the same reason that any intervention comprehends a training and educative action on its side.

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MLFM promotes sensitization activities and fund raising campaigns in the Italian territory, confirming its commitment on its own territory. It organizes, in particular, training courses and activities for schools, together with campaigns wishing to spread a new culture, based on peoples’ solidarity and respect for the environment.

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